Welcome to Solutions Recovery. Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation.
Everyone has a direct connection to addiction.

Welcome to Solutions Recovery
Everyone has a direct connection to addiction

The path to recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction is a lifelong experience. The journey often begins in turmoil and may include feelings of hopelessness and despair.

At Solutions Recovery we believe that addictions are biologically based and responsive to pharmacological, psychotherapeutic, rehabilitative and recovery interventions.








Our Las Vegas alcohol and drug treatment programs will assist you in your recovery from chemical dependency, whether it be alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, opiates, or other addictive substances. Solutions Recovery offers Chronic Pain, Intensive Outpatient, Residential Treatment, Co-Occuring Residential, Medication Assisted, and Detoxification Programs.

Solutions Recovery is able to assist you in your recovery.

Our multidisciplinary staff provides customized, intensive and holistic services with special interest and emphasis directed towards the well being of the family. We are committed to providing comprehensive, confidential and individualized treatment services to people with addiction problems.

Our staff members are dedicated and compassionate people who always put the clients best interest in the forefront. We will provide information, resources and treatment services necessary for clients to achieve and maintain an addiction-free life.

Call us today so that you may start upon the path of recovery

To speak with one of our trained alcohol treatment and drug rehabilitation referral counselors, call our 24-Hour Addiction Helpline at 1-800-771-8599

We serve Starbucks Coffee® before the start of every meeting.



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22 Sept 2010 | 0 comments
Solutions Foundation Reception
Thank you for joining us in celebrating 4 wonderful years in the addiction rehabilitation business. Thank you for making this event successful!

12 Jan 2010 | 0 comments
Care Coalition receives endorsement
Former First Lady Dawn Gibbons gives her personal endorsement to the Care Coalition.

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What is Solutions Recovery?

Solutions Recovery is Nevada's leading treatment Center, we are state certified and licenced to address Drug and Alcohol addiction.

We believe that addictions are biologically based
and responsive to pharmacological, psychotherapeutic, rehabilitative andrecovery interventions. We initiate treatment with a thorough medical evaluation and psychosocial assessment.hours a week of individual and grouptherapy tailored to each client’s needs.

Introduction to the “Twelve Step” principles and involvement in the recovery community is crucial to treatment and long-term recovery.

An important focus of our program is to transition people from an intensive residential environment into a full continuing care support system. We also believe in assuring the integrity of the treatment environment and regularly test all consultants, employees and patients.

Call our drug addiction and alcoholism helpline at 1-800-771-8599 for immediate assistance

Who is Solutions Recovery?


Our staff is licensed by the State of Nevada and also holds additional national certifications. Our residences
are licensed by Clark County and the State of Nevada. Solutions Recovery, Inc. also maintains membership in good standing with the Chamber of Commerce.

Solutions Recovery Addiction Treatment Programs are NAADAC accredited.

Also Affiliated with:
Las Vegas - Chamber of Commerce
Department of Business License

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What They Say

"Solutions Recovery was a blessing. I was released from jail to Solutions. If it wasn’t for Solutions I would be sitting in prison or dead. Now I have the opportunity for a second chance at life. Now I can live a life I’ve never imagined. Thank you Solutions!"

Dexter, Las Vegas

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